March 2024: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

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  • A large number of modifications and improvements has been made in ABCP2.0. Changes have been implemented in the following sections: delivery, finance, payments, reports, forms.


  • The operation of delivery with complex addresses has been improved. 
  • Changes to default cargo settings that are added when you enable delivery have been made - 35 x 25 x 15 cm and 5 kg. These are the average values of shipment cargos. You can update your settings based on these values. 


  • An option to regulate access to search by license plate number has been added for a guest user. 


  • A translation of EAEU Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity codes has been added for tires in YML generation in Yandex.Market DBS, FBY, FBS format. 


  • The interface of editable catalogs was updated in Control Panel, as well as asynchronous export and import of catalogs was implemented. Import and export are now placed on one tab, the same tab displays the total queue and the result of tasks. 
  • A new more convenient format of catalog export has been implemented for editable catalogs - nodes are displayed in the file not as a tree but as a list. 
  • The ability to export and import editable catalogs in UTF-8 encoding has been added, the encoding can be selected in the Control Panel interface. 
  • The logic of setting attributes of positions for editable catalogs has been updated - now you do not need to reset attributes when updating catalogs. 
  • A “Back” button has been added in the Laximo catalog. The button leads to a step higher in the category hierarchy. 


  • If only one payment system is available to the client and it has no fees, the stage of selecting a payment system is now skipped. 
  • The Sberbank payment system has been improved - somer errors in Sber’s responses are skipped in order to get the actual transaction status later. 
  • The validation of “Correspondent account” and “Tax registration reason code” fields in the details has been improved. 


  • A filter by payment type has appeared in the buyer’s personal account on the website.
  • It is now possible for certain customer profiles to hide goods with the “No refund” sign on the website. 


  • A Telegram dialog with a user with a hidden phone number can now be linked to a customer card.
  • Lists of countries and country phone numbers have been updated, Luxembourg has been included as well. 


  • Two new reports are available - “Bonus points movement” and “Bonus balance”. The reports contain all information on the bonus system and allow you to conveniently work with the data thanks to built-in filters. In addition, you can export reports in XLS format for further analysis. 
  • A default credit limit option has been made for customers added by the manager one by one in the Control Panel and in the cart when placing an order.

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  • The “Laximo catalogs: catalog language” option has been moved to the “Settings -> Laximo catalog” section and renamed to “Catalog language if the website’s language is absent in the catalog”. 
  • The following options have been moved to the “Staff -> Settings” section and renamed:
    • "Control Panel: one employee - one session". Was renamed to “Prohibit employee authorization in the Control Panel from multiple devices”;
    • “Control Panel: access only from specified ip-addresses”. Was renamed to “Ip-addresses from which access to the Control Panel will be allowed (allowed delimiters: space, several spaces, comma and semicolon)".
  • The “Franchisee: Balance in Franchisee’s Control Panel” option has been moved to the “Franchisee” section and renamed to “Show franchisee balance (at the top of the franchisee Control Panel, next to the local time)".


  • A filter by registration date was added to the “Sales Dynamics” report.
  • A column with office identifiers was added to the “Route List” report in the “Suppliers” section. 
  • A filter by the “Price List Export” event was added to the “Notifications Delivery” report. 


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in March:
    • brands added — 77;
    • brand descriptions added — 108;
    • articles added — 118195;
    • product images added — 78760; 
    • cross references added — 2191145.


  • Price suppliers now have an opportunity to add the state of goods to the configuration. The default state is “New”, it is possible to select “Excellent”, “Good”, “Satisfactory”, “For restoration”, “Repair kit”. 
  • A new version of warehouses which allows uploading multiple items with the same brand and number, specifying the condition of the item and uploading links to external pictures from the price list has been launched for suppliers of used goods (not available to everyone yet). The release for general use will be announced in a separate news post. 
  • A button for route copying has been added for the mobile version.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • Voltag
    • Technoprom
    • Truck Diesel Service (TDS)
    • Detal-plus
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