Pricing Plans ABCP

Products within the Platform
Online store with catalogs of auto products
$ 112
$ 199
$ 200
$ 333
$ 533
$ 665
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API Connection Products
Crosses, pictures, product information
API Crosses Mini
$ 75
API Crosses 2
$ 187*
API Crosses 3
$ 307*
API Crosses 4
$ 467*
Site catalogs
OEM Vin Catalog API / Widget
$ 199
Catalogs of product groups API
$ 2000
Catalog of maintenance API
$ 400

* This is a subscription fee. For more information regarding the Auto Parts Cross Reference Platform and its initial payment, please read here.

Included in all rates

Free Trial For 30 Days
The best way to evaluate the capabilities of the ABCP Platform is a free trial period for 30 days. Make sure you are looking for exactly this solution for your online store
Free Weekly Platform Update, including new features and data updates ALWAYS FREE
We take into account the constant progress and growth of the knowledge base in the field of auto parts, therefore we regularly expand the framework laid down in tariff packages without increasing the cost of tariffs
Design — adaptive templates of an online auto parts store - easy corporate identity integration, a proven website interface, adapted for working on PC and mobile devices. Quick change between design templates. It is possible to develop an individual design
Employee Jobs — administrative access to store employees. There are no restrictions on the number of jobs for employees on the ABCP Platform. And also there are no territorial restrictions. Access to Platform management from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
Customer Account — customer access to the online store through a personal account or in the "Guest" mode. Customer authorization using phone / email / social networks. Order History, Current Balance, "Garage", VIN - Requests
Smart search algorithm — the number of search requests is unlimited!
Search by any number, description (including abbreviated words), and even search by barcode.
Protection against “junk” data of suppliers and obviously “irrelevant” offers. Tips for customers - "cheapest", "fastest" and "cheapest analogue"
Newsletters and Alerts — alerts to employees and customers via SMS and Email. Notifications about changes in orders, payments, customer requests, etc. Sending price lists to customers"
Site management — content management system (ABCP.CMS). Convenient control panel with flexible settings for your site
API — API access to your site and warehouses for all buyers and for your accounting system (1C, SAP R/3, Lotus, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne). Connect anything by API
High tech — unlimited computing power based on ABCP.Cloud - high-tech equipment, traffic, support and software are included in the price. Unlimited disk space
CRM — customers, suppliers, finances, directories, documents, reports, service, analytics, etc. A customer base with grouping by type, search by phone, email address, TIN and other parameters. Keeping discounts, order and sales analytics and many other options in personal CRM
Order management — the number of orders is not limited. Advanced order management system: automatic sending of the order to the supplier, synchronization of order statuses, filtering by a large number of parameters. Management of individual and wholesale orders. Order Notices. Processing orders in a convenient way
Analytics — reporting: unsatisfied demand, customer activity, top searches, popular products, sales statistics, documents (for example: invoice, sales receipt), etc.
Price lists — comparison and automatic updating of price lists from all possible channels (Email, FTP, HTTP / HTTPS, API). The module independently recognizes the format and structure of the price list. Search and filtering are available, including using # hashtags. Price list generation and distribution to customers. Schedule updates, etc. Upload to Market Places such as Amazon, Ebay, Yandex.Market
Pricing — flexible formation of margins and discounts on a supplier or warehouse, on a brand for a particular supplier, rounding, input price formation, automatically updated rates. Pricing for each individual office and store
ABCP Catalogs — all tariffs of the Platform include catalogs of motor and transmission oils, auto / moto / truck tires, disks, batteries, lamps, V-ribbed belts, coolants, windshield washer fluids. The list of directories is constantly expanding
Auto Parts Cross Reference Platform
Over 50M items in our database
Over 175M crosses
Properties and images of item number
Daily updated database
Easy to integrate

TecAlliance — official version of the TecDoc catalog (including VIN filters)
A licensed* catalog with a monthly update from an official source is a convenient and informative online product for selling auto parts.
We will help you install the TecDoc catalog on your site if you have a contract with TecAlliance
* - due to our license it is possible to sell the access to the TecDoc catalog only in Russia and CIS countries.
Internet Acquiring — payment systems have been introduced and are constantly being added to the Platform. Currently, for payment via the Internet on the websites of the ABCP Platform, you can use:
payment services - PayPal, QIWI, ePay, PayKeeper, Acquiropay, ASSIST, LIQPAY, RBK-Money, Cloud Payments, Yandex;
banks - ArCa (Armenia), Bank of Georgia (Georgia), GazpromBank (Russia), Sberbank (Russia), Tinkoff (Russia)
World currency rates — ABCP: World currency rates. Integration with the Central Bank of any country
Google Analytics — the most widely used web analytics service
Google reCAPTCHA — Google reCaptcha is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse
SEO — basic SEO settings are integrated into the online store even in test drive mode. Editable SEO parameters for promoting your site: robots, sitemap, landing page, CNC, product cards for Amazon, Ebay, Yandex.Market, etc. There is the possibility of batch SEO promotion
Sales channels — use additional sales channels. The platform has integrated customer acquisition services - ABCP: Export of prices, Ebay, Amazon
CROSS-SELL — maximize profits with the "Frequently bought together" module. It is formed on the basis of statistics of the whole platform - a unique tool for increasing the check and building a sales funnel
Showcase — attract customer attention to specific products with an interactive carousel. The built-in showcase and directory structure allows customers to quickly find the right product, analogues, replacements and additional products
Support — site support, assistance to your employees. Unlimited hours of consultant for sales, suppliers, logistics, warehouse and business processes (chat, phone calls and consultations at ABCP offices)
Backups — we guarantee the safety of the data of users of the Platform. Platform backup and backup of all data at the hardware and software level. Data safety for about a year in case of disconnection of the client from the Platform
SSL and HTTPS — we will connect SSL-certificate and HTTPS-protocol to your site for free
Domain — we help to purchase and configure a domain, connect email to a domain
Google Analytics — we install Google Analytics on your site

Additional services

Integration with Telegram $15 / month*
Integration with WhatsApp $50 / month*
Original online catalogue of spare parts. Up to 10 000 requests $179 / month*
Parts-Catalogs — Original online catalogue of spare parts. Up to 100 000 requests $540 / month*
Parts-Catalogs — Original online catalogue of spare parts. Up to 1 000 000 requests $1070 / month*
Parts-Catalogs — Original online catalogue of spare parts. Up to 2 000 000 requests $2159 / month*
Individual design Development, layout, adaptation of site design for mobile devices (instead of the finished design included in the development; completion time up to 20 working days) $1500 and more
The cost of the programmer’s standard hour (if specific improvements are needed) $60 / hour*
Hiding the phrase-link "Powered by" $40 / month*

*For EEU countries the cost is different. Check on request.