Personal design

Design layout for free!

Do not waste your time and money on developing the design layout with other designers, order a unique design within “Standard” and “Premium” tariff bundles and get the design layout for free.

Three steps to a unique design of your website:

  1. Send a request to technical support;
  2. Agree on the technical features and the amount of work;
  3. Accept your updated online store on the ABCP platform in 2-4 weeks.

Development bundles:

  • Design Standard

    Packages design img
    • Development and layout of a custom design for a header, footer and home page

    • Cross-platform testing

    Adaptive layout is included

  • Design Premium

    Packages design img
    • Design Standard

    • Custom design development and layout of all personalized blocks on the website

    • Cross-platform testing

    Adaptive layout is included

  • Own design

    Packages design img

    Adaptive layout is included

    from $1500

Description of custom design bundles

Design “Standard” and “Premium”

  1. Filling out a questionnaire to draft an initial design specification and selecting a design bundle.
  2. Consultation with the designer and discussion of design options.
  3. Draft outline of the layout and design according to the wishes declared in the questionnaire. There are from 3 to 10 variants of the outline.
  4. Approval of one option for further development of the layout.
  5. Work on the final layout, communication with the designer and the introduction of all the wishes within the chosen option and the layout.
  6. Submission of the final layout with the introduction of no more than three final edits.
  7. Layout.

Additional information:

Phased payment for the development of a unique design within the “Standard” and “Premium” bundles is possible.

You can read the description and technical requirements to the blocks on the website in the .

Own design

In order to implement your own design, you need to comply with the technical requirements to the design layout and .

If any of the requirements are not met, the layout may be sent for revision. Please let your designer familiarize themselves with the requirements before starting the work.