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September 2021: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What have been done in September:


  • A new operation has been added to the public.api, it allows changing the supplier route status. Documentation.


  • Mass processing” of the mark-ups has been implemented. It can be turned on here. Documentation. The task is implemented within the programme of the Platform improvement based on the clients’ requests and tasks in the voting system reformal.


  • Editing of goods description in the cart has been implemented.
  • A letter to customers with a notification about goods left in the cart has become more informative and attractive. Option.
  • Validation of the payment method choice has been added.


  • Period of delivery is now indicated in an understandable way “Today 10:00-11:00” etc.: Option.
  • A weekend planner for calculating periods according to shipping schedule has been added.


  • The support of the time zone has been added to the statistics of the “SEO-pack” service.
  • Reminders and prompts for filling in the title and description meta tags have been added to the Control Panel.
  • The check of empty fields in title and description meta tags has been added to the Control Panel. If the field is not filled in the information “i” icon changes to warning “!” sign in the pages list.


  • Reworks for ACQUIRO PAY payment system — the domain for the payment gateway has been changed.
  • Reworks for Gazprombank payment system — the safety certificates on some channels have been renewed.
  • Reworks for Tinkoff payment system — the problem of online payment has been resolved.


  • The condition of displaying the “Send check” button in Komtet has been changed.


  • The “Pay for the order” button has been added to the order page.


  • Creating a client via public API with settings of the message sending in WhatsApp has been improved.


  • “ASAP” setting for Dostavista has been fixed.


  • Support for the “Orders: send e-mail to personal managers and client services” option has been implemented when choosing employees for receiving notifications on returns from customers.
  • Sending notifications to customers via e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp when creating an order has been added.


  • The opening of the supplier description window has been sped up.


  • Intermediate stage of model groups choice has been added to carbase. Most popular models and car modifications have been updated (including tyres, wheels and brushes). Display of the user lists in the carbase modification card has been improved.


  • The search by certain parameters in the catalogues by item groups has been improved. Now both dot and comma can be used in fractional separators (for example, for DIA in wheel catalogue).


  • New online suppliers have been added:
  • Mannkando
  • AutoPikPro
  • AutoMen54
  • EuroAuto (assessment via new API)

The End

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