Supplier PN1


Peculiarities: For proper work, you need to have the API access to the supplier's web-service of searching goods. It can be obtained by contacting your manager at the supplier. You should enter a login and password in the supplier's system in supplier's settings in Control Panel.
Please note that the password must be in MD5 format.
After entering the password in the field, click the MD5 button once, it will be automatically converted to the required format, and then click the "Save" button.
If you have access and follow the instructions, this supplier will become available.

You can check the work of the supplier by entering the part number in the "Test search" field.
In case of successful connection of the supplier, you will be able to select a brand and get the search result by part number and brand.

The PN1 company is a wholesale and retail online auto parts store. Our team is engaged in retail and wholesale of auto parts and accessories for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

One of our goals: to create a confident and modern brand of auto parts seller PN1, which will select, sell, supply auto parts and accessories around the world. Join us.

Phone: +7 (812) 948-42-72, +7 (921) 563-18-01
Address: St. Petersburg, Bukharestskaya metro station, Fuchik street, 19
Communication types:
  • Online search
  • Price-list
  • Online-order
  • Sync statuses