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Today we are one of the leading Russian distributors of world leaders in the production of spare parts for European trucks MERCEDES, MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF, IVECO, RENAULT for semi-trailers with BPW, SAF, SMB, ROR axles.
We offer our clients:
- a convenient online warehouse with the widest range of spare parts for all price categories: from European premium class to Turkish and Chinese-made substitutes;
- permanent availability in our central distribution warehouse and retail outlets of more than 50,000 items most in demand by buyers;
- fast delivery of spare parts on order from Europe and a well-established supply chain to the regions;
- an individual approach to each customer with the possibility of selecting spare parts, taking into account the assortment of the store.
- Manufacturers find in the face of the Omega group of companies a reliable partner to promote their product range to the market. After all, for this we have all the necessary means:
- an established import chain, the smooth functioning of which is ensured by trusted transport companies, customs brokers and parts certification bodies;
- own information system with an integrated online warehouse and detailed demand statistics accumulated over the years of work, which is constantly updated thanks to regular online customers;

We have extensive experience and ample opportunities to create mutually beneficial partnerships and meet the demand of our customers.

Become our partner and you won't regret it!

Office address:Moscow, st. 2nd Melitopolskaya, ow. 4A, building 39
Phone: +74952761117
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