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Please note that the password must be in MD5 format.
After entering the password in the field, click the MD5 button once, it will be automatically converted to the required format, and then click the "Save" button.
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Kedr Autoparts Handels GmbH.
We supply original (OE and OEM) spare parts for motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.
We can also offer spare parts for agricultural (John Deer, Claas, Fendt) and construction equipment (Volvo, Vöegel, Cat) upon request.
We update price lists once a month, receiving them directly from the manufacturer's factory with cross-number support.
You can order everything online from us and, if necessary, request price lists.
Kedr Autoparts deliver worldwide, except for countries where
international sanctions have been applied (We do not supply goods to Russia and Belarus)
in accordance with international standards.

Office address: Austria, 1190 Vienna, Kuchelauer Hafenstrasse 98
Phone: +436505903039
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  • Online search
  • Price-list
  • Online-order
  • Sync statuses