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The Seatrade company offers a huge range of spare parts for European cars and trucks. It is actively developing the direction of wholesale sales of original spare parts and accessories in the territory of Sevastopol and Crimea, and throughout the Russian Federation as a whole. We are an importer of brands such as BSG, FASE, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, LANDROVER, LUK, INA, FAG, FEBI, DELPHI, BOSCH, LEMFORDER. For this purpose, we have created a wholesale sales department, the purpose of which is to identify and satisfy the demand of interested individuals and legal entities for spare parts. We are ready to accept your order and offer the most favorable terms of cooperation.

By becoming our partner you will have the opportunity to:

• Receive advice on the selection of necessary spare parts;
• Promptly receive information about the availability of spare parts and their cost;
• The most favorable conditions for purchasing spare parts and accessories;
• Free delivery of your orders;
• 80% of customers receive the necessary spare parts at the time of contact;
• 90% of ordered spare parts are delivered within 2-3 days.

We invite spare parts stores, service stations, wholesale buyers and regional representatives to cooperate.

Office address: Sevastopol, st. Fiolentovskoe highway 6, 1 row 32-33.
Phone: +7(978) 200-75-15.
Communication types:
  • Online search
  • Price-list
  • Online-order
  • Sync statuses