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AUGER was founded in Germany in 2003

Auger designs and manufactures durable, high-strength parts using unique materials and precision design.

The main direction is auto parts and components for trucks, buses and trailers made in Europe.
The brand has become quite popular in the Russian market due to its excellent quality and optimal price. Today, Auger brand products are represented in 80 countries.

Brand products
The company supplies the car market with more than 52,000 parts.

Main product categories: air springs, brake parts, chassis equipment, clutch parts, engine parts, gearboxes, cardan shafts, power units, steering mechanisms, repair kits, compressors for pneumatic systems, fifth-wheel couplings, axles, gears, hubs, cab components, electrical equipment, filters, universal parts and much more.

  • Auger has a highly mechanized production base, modern equipment, high-quality materials and raw materials.
  • All Auger spare parts undergo strict quality control, every part is checked at all stages of the production process, as Auger attaches great importance to evaluation tests.
  • Auger carefully controls the entire procedure, from technical drawings to the production of the final product. Auger places great emphasis on guarantee compliance and customer satisfaction.
  • Auger products have international quality certificates.
  • Our own warehouse in Russia allows us to have a large number of parts in stock and ensure fast delivery of Auger spare parts to our customers.
Office address: Moscow, Marushkinskoye settlement, near the village of Davydkovo. Administrative and warehouse building No. 3 Building No. 15
Phone numbers:
+7 495 280 15 33
+7 926 644 39 19

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