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Optima is a supplier of automotive components from leading Japanese, Korean, Chinese, European and other manufacturers since 1999.
Products are supplied exclusively directly from auto parts manufacturers.
Delivery is carried out throughout Russia by any type of transport.
The geography of the company's supplies today extends to 143 cities in Russia, and the warehouse consists of a constant availability of more than 50,000 items of auto parts.
The company takes into account the characteristics of each Partner and provides a flexible and individual approach to interaction.

Advantages of the Optima company:
  • Development. Regular development is the key to our success. Monthly expansion of the range, seminars to improve the quality of service, etc. are an integral part of the life of our company.
  • Loyalty. We always do our best to meet our Partners. We provide installment payment for orders and a flexible system of discounts. We also provide significant marketing support.
  • Efficiency. We provide prompt processing of information and regular support for managers in resolving any issues.
  • Prices. We maintain competitive prices for all products, and careful selection of suppliers allows us to sell high-quality spare parts at affordable prices.
  • Delivery. Delivery is carried out by any transport company convenient for you at our expense.
We are not competitors for you, since we do not have networks of retail stores and service stations.
The main goal of the Optima company is the development of the wholesale direction.
Optima is a partner for professionals.

Office address: Novosibirsk, Shevchenko street, building 11, office 202
Phone: +7 (913) 985-89-89
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