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ATS GmbH has earned an impeccable reputation as a reliable and respected business partner on the global market.
For 20 years, we have been one of the leading distributors of spare parts for cars: cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, accessories, as well as special equipment.
Our suppliers are world-famous manufacturers with whom our company cooperates without intermediaries.
Our clients are large wholesale international companies, small wholesale companies and retail auto parts stores, online stores, as well as service stations.
The assortment for our customers is represented by the most popular and sought-after brands of original spare parts, as well as high-quality European duplicates.
We also have a spacious warehouse, our own vehicles and modern loading warehouse equipment.
Thanks to thoughtful and carefully organized logistics, we deliver to more than 46 countries in the shortest possible time.

Office address: Weilerswist, st. Roberta Bosha 6, 53919
Phone: +492254600070
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