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Before connecting a supplier, you must contact TradeSoft and receive a login and password from them to access the TradeSoft website and web assessment.

After gaining access, you must do the following:
In the "Login and Password" field - enter your login and password on the Tradesoft website.
In the "Login/Password on the supplier's website" field, enter the login and password provided by the supplier.
In the field "Name of supplier in the TradeSoft system" - enter the unique name of the supplier from the TradeSoft system; it must be clarified with the supplier.
You can check the work of the supplier by entering the article in the "Test search" field.
If you successfully connect a supplier, you will be able to select a brand and get a search result by item.

We value the time of our customers, so we tried to collect for you the most interesting offers on auto parts from all over the world. We hope that working with us will be easy and convenient.
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