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Peculiarities: To work correctly, you MUST HAVE an API key (Token). It can be obtained in supplier’s personal account. At the very bottom of the personal account page, in the “Access to Portal API” block, click the “Get a new token” button. In the window that appears, you must select the client, contract and delivery address. In the IP address field, enter: and click the Get button. The API key (Token) that appears must be copied and pasted into the appropriate field in the provider settings in the ABCP control panel.
You can check the work of the supplier by entering the part number in the "Test search" field.
In case of successful connection of the supplier, you will be able to select a brand and get the search result by part number and brand.

Magistral-NN sells auto components from leading manufacturers. The catalog always has a wide selection of auto parts at wholesale prices, which makes it easy to find the required product. The order can be promptly delivered to any region of Russia. Cargo transportation is carried out using the company’s own vehicles and is absolutely free. Discounts and special offers are provided. We have established close cooperation with factories that produce automotive components, thanks to which goods are delivered without any delays, that is, the client receives the goods exactly on time.

Magistral-NN owns a modern category A warehouse complex, which makes it possible to receive large quantities of automotive components and send them to customers in accordance with their requests. These are high-quality auto parts at wholesale prices that are tested at the factory, which significantly reduces the risk of defective products going on sale. But even if any defects are discovered in the product during the warranty period, which is extremely rare, it can be exchanged for a new one. The procedure for carrying out this procedure is described in the contract for the supply of spare parts.

+7 (804) 333-69-55
+7 (499) 649-69-75
+7 (831) 255-47-47
Office address: 603016, Nizhny Novgorod, st. Monastyrka, 13, building 3
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