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Many years of successful activity, as well as an established reputation in the domestic market, allows us, for our part, to conduct confident work in our chosen areas, maintain competitive prices and deadlines for fulfilling obligations, which is important for our current and future clients.
If auto parts are your business, if you value reliability and partnership, then we are happy to offer you our service.
- Large selection of spare parts at affordable prices - more than 20,000,000 items in remote and local warehouses
- Selection of parts from all leading manufacturers of spare parts for European, Asian and American cars and trucks
- Free placement of your spare parts warehouse on the website for further sale
- Possibility of selecting parts both by number and by applicability
- Freedom to choose delivery and payment methods
- Individual approach to each client
- Supply of any auto parts for all brands of cars (including Russian and Chinese production), trucks, commercial vehicles and special equipment
- Car supplies and accessories
- The range of spare parts made to order is constantly expanding. In addition, the entire current product range of the company is also available for ordering via the web portal, as an alternative to the existing service program!

- ease of use - all orders can be placed in one web portal (both the original and our current assortment with regular status updates on the status of the order for each item)
- competitive price - we are constantly looking for suppliers with the best conditions
- logistics - we are constantly increasing the number and frequency of deliveries

- wholesale trade in auto parts
- small wholesale trade in auto parts
- retail trade in auto parts

Our company strives to become a reliable link between global manufacturers of auto parts, our dealers and the end customer, while creating a special culture of sales, service and a high-quality final product that meets the demand of all market segments.

To help potential buyers in choosing and purchasing goods and services in any of the segments where we have a professional presence, as well as to provide a reliable and safe market.

- We are constantly developing and improving our forms and methods of working with customers. Already today we have created such conditions when each of our clients receives only pleasant impressions from cooperation and is happy to visit our company on a regular basis
- Optimal combination of price and quality of spare parts. We keep retail prices for spare parts extremely low. At the same time, our company has a flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to each client

The MyCAR24 company invites auto parts stores, Internet portals, auto repair centers, motor transport enterprises and car services located in any region of Kazakhstan to cooperate.
We offer a huge selection of original and non-original spare parts, minimal delivery times by any type of transport.
A flexible system of prices and discounts allows us to successfully satisfy any needs of our wholesale customers. Discounts are set individually, depending on the volume of purchases.

Phone: +77052077359
Office address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ryskulova Avenue, 103/21B Car City shopping center, “BakOrda” 1st entrance 2nd floor 2nd row office 35
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