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The KazAvtoTrade company has been operating in the Kazakhstan market since 2000. The main activity of the company is the wholesale sale of mufflers for Russian and foreign cars, as well as components for their installation. The company’s impressive experience of successful work in this area allows us to offer exceptionally high-quality services in this area of the auto business. First of all, these are product and pricing policies aimed at meeting the needs of our customers to the maximum possible extent. We try to plan inventory in such a way as to ensure the fullest possible fulfillment of customer orders. High-quality development of the assortment and an individual approach at all stages allows us to provide conditions for convenient work, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation. We, like you, value punctuality and value your time and make every effort to ensure that our cooperation is successful and fruitful.

We offer almost the entire range of mufflers, resonators, intake and intermediate pipes for Russian-made cars from several manufacturers, thereby satisfying the needs of customers for goods in both the high and medium price ranges. We allow the buyer to choose the product that best suits his capabilities and quality requirements.

Also, at the same time we are developing a range of exhaust systems for foreign-made cars. As a result of many years of cooperation with European exhaust system manufacturers and manufacturers of components for its installation, we managed to take a leading position in Kazakhstan in this area. Our range can satisfy the needs of customers for almost the entire European fleet of cars present on our market.

Thanks to the effective system of delivering goods to the regions, accuracy and punctuality, we have acquired a large number of partners throughout Kazakhstan. Our clients are owners of car shops and car service centers, entrepreneurs in car markets and just ordinary buyers, for whom we solved the problem of supplying them with goods that are not always convenient for transportation and storage. We provided them with the opportunity to purchase goods immediately in the required volume and quantity here in Kazakhstan, without wasting time waiting for orders to arrive from abroad.

+7 (778) 550 11 11,
+7 (705) 875 11 11
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