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The auto parts website is the largest catalog of spare parts for foreign cars in Kazakhstan. We have auto parts to order from Almaty from leading European, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and American manufacturers at the most reasonable price for you and the shortest possible delivery time to any region of Kazakhstan. In our online store we have a wide range of original and analog spare parts, as well as accessories, motor oils, brake and coolant fluids and other auto chemicals for passenger cars. You can select the necessary parts for your car using the search parameters: by selecting the car make, specifying the part number or VIN code. You can independently search for auto parts in the catalog and place an order on the website, or call the contact numbers indicated on the website page and receive professional advice from experienced specialists. We try to provide convenience for our customers and provide the opportunity to pay for orders in cash and non-cash methods. is an online store of spare parts for foreign cars in Kazakhstan, here you can purchase analog auto parts or order online spare parts for foreign cars. We have a wholesale sale of auto parts.

Now, with the online store of spare parts for foreign cars in Kazakhstan “Valtecshop”, buying spare parts for any car has become easy, fast and inexpensive. We have auto parts for foreign cars of excellent quality. You can select auto parts by VIN code.

Office address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, st. Margulana 17b
Phone: +7 (727) 271 95 30 ex. 210
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