November 2020: Platform ABCP news

We know how you love to decorate your websites for New Year, that is why we have prepared the decorations that you can add to your website by yourself:

  • Flashing garlands, falling snow, fir-tree branches — come herefor all of this;
  • Customizable banners where you can edit text and colour according to your preferences  — all of this you can findhere.

What we have done in November:


  • Now in the client’s card of the “Garage” block the search in the garages of remote clients does not happen when defining the car’s availability at other clients.


  • When making an order for a client an employee can turn on WhatsApp notifications for them.


  • The new warehouse “return to the supplier” operation was implemented.
  • The ability to create acceptance options from several client orders was added to the acceptance interface. Apart from that, the acceptance filtration by counterparty’s contract was added.
  • The ability to exclude copying of the good’s amount in the acceptance position when creating the acceptance for orders was added. That will allow to execute the revision process for expected and actually received goods.
  • The support for the revision process of expected and actually received goods lists was improved in the acceptance interface. The barcode scanner support was improved.
  • The import of acceptance from a file was moved to the acceptance interface. The ability to view the import history was added.
  • The ability to edit the storage for the item returned from a client in the “application approved” status was introduced.
  • The refund process in case of client’s confirmation of return was changed. Now the recalculation of the debt for an order is made due to the refusal from the order’s item.
  • The report on stock replenishment has received a new setting “The record of booked goods”.
  • The ability to import the manufacturer country when importing the items from a file to the acceptance form was added.
  • The new variable {CURRENCY_SHORT_NAME} with short currency names ("RUR.", "KZT." etc.) was added for TS printing forms.
  • The new {POSITION_METRIC_OKEI} variable with OKEI (National Classifier of Units of Measurement) code was added to the printing forms of expenditures.
  • The default setting for automatic ending of debiting from orders was added.
  • The new “availability norm” column was added to the goods directory.
  • The hidden option “Necessity to attach a file when creating a return from personal account” that turns on the obligation to have a photo when a client creates a return was added.
  • The support of the old debiting mechanism was ended.


  • The report "Clients" -> "The profiles’ markups for brands" was revamped into the interface convenient for viewing and editing the markups with an option to filter by profile, supplier, brand and goods group.
  • The images and vendor code description were added to the "Search top" report.
  • The new “Goods - Goods groups” report was developed. It allows to get the data on a goods group in price lists. This report helps to sort the goods groups in the TS goods directory.


  • The appearance of the “Personnel” and “Mail management” sections in the Control Panel was renewed.


  • The regular expressions support was added to the “Exclude vendor codes” filter in the price lists generation..


  • Now in the VIN-requests in the personal account it is possible to search by brand, model, modification, auto VIN for which the VIN-requests were sent.


  • New catalogues were added:


  • In the supplier settings the new “Turn off first search stage” setting was added.
  • New online-suppliers were added:

What will be done in the near future:


  • When manager combines the orders the comment about positions transfer will be added to the merged order after revision.
  • The new calculation of delivery time will be implemented in the search results.


  • Employees’ orders will be added to the “Sales Dynamics” report.


  • The new articleByBrandAndNumber2 operation with several images in the reply and additional parameters will be added to TecDoc API.


  • Notifications for car services’ clients will also become available through WhatsApp integration.
  • In the Control Panel “Reports”-”Notifications” the new report on WhatsApp use will be added.


  • In the goods write-off the new “Order assembly” stage will be added.
  • The option to download documents in the PDF format will be implemented.
  • The statuses for returns are added in order to make the navigation in the operations list easier.
  • It will be possible to create the return to a supplier from the acceptance operation.
  • The acceptance on the planned list of ordered amounts will be added to the goods acceptance in TS.
  • The option to add positions in the existing return to a supplier operation will be implemented.
  • The option to work with several printers will be added to the documents printing app tsPrint.
  • The appearance of goods directory and the item card will be improved.
  • The ability to download the “Application” printing form will be added to the return operation in the personal account.
  • The button to instantly transfer operations into the “Completed” status will be added for the main warehouse operations (acceptance, transfer, expenditure, return for a client and return to a supplier).
  • New options to send a client’s return will be added: “In Progress”, “Application approved”, “New” for a return to supplier. Also the new hidden options will be added: “Refuse a client in case if a supplier rejects a return” and “Personal account: goods return - the setting of the “renouncement” type.

The End

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