March 2021: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What have been done in March:

In March much of our energy and attention was taken away by recovery after a fire in the data centre. We have been housing in the burnt-out OVH for many years and have optimized ourselves for working with their equipment as much as possible. We will need some time for optimal setting of the Platform on the new equipment, it is necessary to take into account the capabilities of communication channels and bandwidth. The release of new developments is limited while the optimization of work with the data centre is in progress.


  • Client card: improved automatic brand detection when adding a car to a customer’s garage.


  • Now it is possible to enable crossover through the original for own base of crosses.
  • For “Search: display of the delivery date” option a new “Date” value has been added for displaying the date or the date range.
  • The brand filtering for suppliers in the search has been improved - now it can be turned on for employees too.
  • The number of displayed search results across the platform has been increased to 1000.


  • An entry has been made to the history of changes of settings for autoorder to a supplier.
  • A number of improvements has been made to the support of order status synchronization with various suppliers.
  • Speed of the interface for adding the payment in orders in the Control Panel has been increased.
  • The support for product multiplicity was implemented when ordering from 4MyCar.
  • The mandatory phone number verification was added when placing an order at 4MyCar.
  • The information about the minimum order amount was added when placing an order at 4MyCar.


  • The ability to add the translation of the text to the product description for carousel on the website was implemented.


  • Modifications of sales reports were made:
  • usability of filters was improved; 
  • saving of report generation settings to the report file was added;
  • a column with managers was added.
  • Modifications of interfaces for acceptance, shipments, transfers, returns to suppliers and returns from customers were made:
  • order and contents of columns were changed;
  • information on the status of embedded positions was added in the form of the “battery”;
  • fast filters on statuses with calculating the number of operations in each of the statuses were added;
  • tags in lists of operations and positions were added;
  • the ability to quickly copy vendor codes of products was added;
  • icons were changed.
  • Display of storage locations before assembly in shipping positions was added.
  • The ability to search by a cleared number from the general search field was added.
  • The ability to resend the order to the supplier after the sending order was added.
  • Quick filter by tag in all operations was added.
  • A new option allowing to disable saving filters in cookies was implemented.
  • The interface for configuring print applications was improved.


  • The “Open percent in a new tab” option was added.
  • The new “Restrict output by warehouses. List of warehouses separated by comma” setting was added to My catalogues."


  • The usability of the window for adding a payment with a check from the order was improved.
  • 10% and 20% VAT options were opened.
  • The substitution of the payment method from the default check settings was made.


  • The “For all” option was added to the value of the “Control Panel: allow brand filtering for suppliers” option. This allows to filter brands when searching as an employee.
  • The sorting on the “Suppliers” page in the Control Panel was changed, new sorting will allow to look after price list updates with more convenience.
  • New online suppliers were added:
  • Yuna-Oil
  • Tehico
  • Alien-Parts

What will be done in the near future:


  • A universal dataLayer suitable for counters of both systems will be developed to connect e-commerce from Yandex and advanced e-commerce by Google.


  • As an improvement, drag&drop sorting of the payment types will be added.
  • The “by defaut” choice of payment type will be affecting the choice in the drop-down lists of the forms for adding a payment.
  • For the Payonline payment system the sending of fiscal checks will be developed.


  • For the cp/finance/paymentOrderLinks API-operation the ability to receive a list of returns for a given period of time and without specifying a client and a payment number will be added.


  • The interface for connecting suppliers will be significantly improved.


  • The ability to check the “about orders in WhatsApp” box will be added to the interface of ordering as a guest.


  • A new “Sale” characteristic will be added for the product consignments of the warehouse module. No markups will be applied to consignments with such a feature.
  • The ability to select a sticker printer will be added in case of multiple choice of price tags.
  • To improve readability, the product batch card will be split into tabs. Apart from that, the ability to gain a quick access to the batch card from the acceptance and transfer operations will be added.
  • The printing of price tags by the number of goods will be added.
  • A field with a unit of measurement will be added to the import of product cards from a file and fields with description and unit of measurement will be added to the import of products acceptance.

The End

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