September 2023: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

#ABCP_2.0 (tags used before: #abcp_TS #abcp_TS-2)

  • A large number of modifications and improvements has been made in ABCP2.0. Changes have been implemented in the following sections: orders, delivery, API, shipment, returns from customers and many other improvements.


  • “Bonuses spent” field has been added to the order page in the Control Panel.
  • The logic of rounding off of the amount after bonuses are charged has been updated.


  • Uploading of product characteristics by short articles has been improved.


  • It is now possible to send notifications and exchange messages with customers via Telegram directly from the Control Panel.
  • The ability to send any notifications to remote customers is disabled.
  • The database of international phone number codes has been updated. 
  • The “Delivery type” variable has been added for notification templates.
  • SMS and messengers’ settings have been separated, the work of channels has been realized independently from each other.


  • New value processing for the SafeMode parameter has been added to the GET cp/users operation. If the parameter is 2, then, in addition to addresses (SafeMode=1 allows this), the format of data output for offices is changed as well. 
  • Now it is possible to get a data array in the cp/orders response with the time of status setting stated for each order item. 
  • The operation of the “Display in search results only those suppliers who are connected to the same office as this employee” option has been updated. 


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in september:
    • brands added — 59;
    • brand descriptions added — 96;  
    • articles added — 119103;
    • product images added — 285547; 
    • cross references added —  2596357.


  • Processing of encoding of emails with price lists has been updated.
  • Price identification in price lists uploaded via mail has been updated.
  • Updating of suppliers’ price lists received by mail has been optimized.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • Motus
    • Gronax
    • 21parts 
    • A-force
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