September 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in September:


  • The work is being continued in the new TS modules, changes have been implemented in the following sections: acceptance, shipping, reports, etc. 


  • Rounding up of the total order amount with accounting for the discount has been implemented. 
  • When sending an invoice or an online order payment link to a customer, employees from the “Orders: send email to personal managers and customer services” option are added to the hidden recipients (in bcc). 



  • The new “Brand directory” information section is now available for websites on the Platform.


  • Guest payment autolinking has been removed upon setting the “refusal” status.
  • A new “Finance - Refunds to card” property has been implemented.


  • Short and alternative numbers (short_number и alt_number) have been added in response to articles/info operation. Short and alternative numbers will allow you to combine offers in your SERPs. For example, it will show double-labeled NGK spark plugs or Mercedes license plates with and without the letter A  in the same block.


  • Offer id formation for Sbermegamarket (formerly has been changed, now it is made by analogy with Yandex.Market FBS.
  • The “Exclude products from the list” filter with uploading of products excluded from a file has been added. 
  • “Communication method” option for AVITO generation has been added instead of the old “Ability to write a message on the ad via website” option.
  • A mechanism for matching tire models from the platform directory with the Avito directory has been miplemented for AVITO generation.
  • Clearing of articles has been added for “Include/Exclude products from the list” filters. 


  • A check for the mandatory login and password on the SMS settings form has been added.


  • The upload of settings for auto send of orders 1.0 has been made. 


  • Now you can change the language for getting data from ABCP directories - the language may differ from the language of the store. It is applied in product descriptions, tips, etc. for search results, catalogs, etc. 


  • Internal code search now includes all price lists and online GK supplier (if any). 
  • The display of the shipment date in the output modes of the specific date has been improved. 
  • The article in the description search now also turns into a link to the new search according to the “Search: number as a link to the new search" option.


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in September:
    • Brands added — 58;
    • Brand descriptions added — 128;  
    • Articles added — 106305;
    • Product images added — 160008; 
    • Cross references added — 4554841.


  • The ability to edit contacts and notes for online suppliers has been added.
  • A filter of suppliers by auto-order availability has been added to the quick filters on the “Suppliers” page.
  • The “Automatically send order” setting is now only available to employees with the “Suppliers” permission.
  • The “Promotions” tab on the vendor’s page in the Control Panel has been improved.
  • A notification for franchisee when creating a price list supplier has been added if the limit on the number of available suppliers is exceeded.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
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