October 2021: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in October:


  • Configuration of “Supplier” column visibility in search was implemented.


  • Ability to split items of an order to the supplier was added.
  • The “Copy” icon was added to the “Customer” column of the “Order processing” section.


  • Two new types of customer return: “Under-delivery” and “Cross-picking”. It is possible to set the obligatory attachment of files to these types of return and specify a period of product return by a customer (days).
  • When creating a return from a customer via Personal account adding a comment is necessary for all types of return.


  • Configuration of the pop-up timing on the websites was implemented.
  • The form for topping-up the customer’s balance in Personal accounts on websites was improved.


  • The SMS functionality was refined, now you can send text messages to the United Kingdom.


  • The uploading to Avito was updated - the tag with offer’s brand was added, article is transmitted to OEM, formation of title was improved.


  • Functionality of store working schedule configuration (weekends and holiday calendar) was added for more flexible routes configuration.
  • The filtration was refined for suppliers of the platform - now goods from TS are not separated by "Limit results of requested article, pcs." and other filters in online supplier settings.
  • New online suppliers were added:
  • “Autofamily” LLC
  • Tadashisa
  • “Myx” LLC
  • Kirasa
  • Autoeuro (New API)
  • Euroauto (New API)

The End

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