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October 2020: Platform ABCP news

What we have done in October:


    • Variables with shortened currency names, information on delivery types, delivery addresses, self-collect office from bound orders were added for printing forms of the “Expenditures” operation.
    • Several active contracts can be used, also the default contract can be selected.
    • For the convenience of selection a short description (title) has been added to the contracts’ properties. 
    • Shipments and returns’ interfaces were improved in the client’s personal area; filters, hints and the ability to download printing forms were added.
    • The filter of counterparty-supplier was added to the “Consignments” interface in the Control Panel.
    • Import of a product group when importing a product from a file to the products directory was implemented.
    • Highlighting of warehouses not participating in the sales was added to the interface of binding price lists to supplier’s counterparties.
    • The “Reservation” order status is now allowed to be changed for “Refusal” status with automatic unbooking of the goods in your own warehouse.
    • The ability to view information on the order in which the goods were debited to the client was added to the interface of the list of items returned by clients.
    • Operations of managing the returns from the clients were added to the administrative and client API of the platform.


    • Order notifications via WhatsApp.


    • The ability to send information on product marking in the receipt was implemented. Комтет now can draw the details of the employee who sends the check into the cashier’s full name and TIN. This data needs to be preliminary filled out in the employee’s card in the Control Panel. 
    • Sending delivery requests for courier delivery service KOMTET.Cash.


    • Two new template designs were added — improved usability of control elements, revised home page and built-in “Catalogues” button next to the search field. We totally recommend trying it!


    • Now in the carbase and goods lists you can look through lists of other users for the same modification.
    • Now you can share your own goods list (copy the link for it and send to another user).


    • New version of Yandex.Delivery widget.


    • New “Email” box is being recorded when converting the guest into the client.
    • Clients’ authorization on the website via Yandex.
    • %LOGIN% variable for localized SMS text about the password change.
    • Check marks for group selection/withdrawal on the page, editing of the markups for warehouses in the profile into the titles “Connected to the client” and “Turn off the markup depending on the goods price".
    • “Without profile” option was added when changing the clients’ profile by the group operation from the clients list in the Control Panel.


    • New “Clients’ vehicles export” report was added.


    • The option “Search: allow employees to turn off the filtering of online-suppliers” now turns off the limit on online-supplier’s price threshold for employees/


    • Creating, binding and removal of payments was added to the “Finance - Adding of payments, bindings, refund” token. If an employee has access to change of order items statuses then we allow to link payments.


    • Regular terms in the “Exclude articles” filter in the prices generation.


    • New max Price parameter was added to the API-operation orders/instant. It defines max price when making auto-order from the supplier on the Platform. Also the “Allowable percentage of supplier price excess when sending an order [0 - 100], %” parameter was added to the suppliers settings. 
    • The deliveryCost parameter of the cost of delivery is supported in the API-operation “cp/order POST” for saving the order.
    • In the API-operation “GET cp/order” and “GET cp/orders” optional “withDeleted” parameter for withdrawal of deleted orders and items was added.


    • New BALANCE variable was added to the printing forms for displaying client’s balance.
    • New variables were added to the “Orders processing: Sales receipt” printing form.


    • The feature of the “Submitting online order” status is set for all statuses by default. The checkbox for submitting online order from the Control Panel is missing for an item in the status without a feature. Also the new “Orders processing: turn off online order from the following suppliers” option was added. 
    • The “Pay” button is duplicated above the items (if there are more than 4 rows in the order) on the page after order registration


    • For the catalogue upper and lower amtel_top и amtel_bottom infoblocks were added.
    • New catalogues were added:


    • Manual sorting of vehicles in the garage.
    • Quick search of a vehicle in the garage.
    • Own photo for the auto in the garage.
    • Additional information on autos in the client’s garage when linking order items to the clients’ autos.


    • Now you can add an image to the VIN-request not only at the time of its creation but also during the process of communication between a client and a manager processing this request.


    • The search, order and the status synchronization were implemented for the new supplier
    • New online suppliers were added: 
    • ETS group
    • Auto Dakkar
    • All4Motors
    • DoCar
    • InterParts 

What will be done in the near future:


    • The ability to automatically change the status of the order item for another one in case of delay will be added to the interface of status setting.


    • The hint for the city name will be added to the blank field “City” of the registration form.


    • The new setting “Limit delivery by warehouses” will be added for the product groups catalogues.


    • The ability to check the box “notify about the orders via WhatsApp” will be added when registering an order with a manager.


    • The use of particular settings for product groups in TS will also be implemented for sending receipts from the orders processing. 
    • The import of goods consignments will be improved and moved to the consignments interface. Besides, the option to import the manufacturer country will be added. 
    • In case of the goods return the change of the corresponding order items to the “Refusal” status with automatic split by amount will be executed instead of creating dummy payments. 
    • The displaying of total status for each operation will be added to the list of returns. 
    • The new {POSITION_METRIC_OKEI} variable with OKEI (National Classifier of Units of Measurement) code for measure unit will be added to the printing form of expenditures. 
    • The editing of the storage will be unlocked for the return items in the “Application approved” status. 
    • The ability to change the storage will be implemented for goods selection from the warehouse when writing-off.
    • The goods selection when writing-off in one storage will be implemented. 
    • The reports system will be implemented. 
    • Printing out of several A4 sheets with price tags (instead of just one at the moment) will be introduced/


    • The “Allow tags in the description” setting will be added to the “Site” tab in the suppliers settings. It will be useful to turn it on for second-hand goods (for example, pictures) and turn it off for new ones.

The End

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