November 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in November:

#ABCP_2.0 (tags used before:  #abcp_TS #abcp_TS-2)

  • New modules for warehouse accounting, orders and finance now present the ABCP 2.0 project. ABCP 2.0 is an improved version of the ABCP Platform which includes the best solutions and advantages of the old version and is complemented by more convenient and clear functionality of financial and commodity accounting modules as well as order processing modules.  
  • The interface has been improved and changes have been implemented in the following sections: orders, orders to suppliers, finance, goods receipts.


  • API now has a link for online payment, it can be used for sending by bots in messengers. GET cp/payment/token operation is used for that.
  • The POST cp/manager operation has been added for updating the employees data. It can be used for call center employees to change an office and place an order under an employee in the right office during a call.
  • The operations of self pickup visibility management at checkout have been improved.
  • The is_original field (a sign of original brand) has been added to the GET articles/brands operation response. 


  • A new “Shopping cart: prohibit pickup for certain customers “  option is available now.


  • The Laximo catalog has been improved. A search by synonyms in groups has been implemented. The list of modifications has been put in order, modification options are now displayed at once. When you click on a number of a spare part in the schematic you will see its description and link to the pricing. Many more small but useful changes. 
  • The navigation of directories with dropdown lists has been improved. .
  • The product and position attributes have been separated in editable catalogs. Earlier product attributes were duplicated into position attributes after setting. 


  • New type of stock generation for Avito has been implemented, it can be configured by the “Format” field in the Avito export configuration.
  • The {updateDate} variable has been added to the price export template. The variable contains the date and time of the last price update.
  • The size of the sales-notes field was increaset from 50 to 1000 characters for all YML subspecies.
  • The “Do not use “Minimum availability” condition for “Own warehouses” setting has been added to all types of generated price lists.
  • The “Description” column has been added to the “Price comparison of price lists” report. This column displays a description of a spare part from the price list of the analyzed supplier. 


  • The logic of the “Notification systems setup” section has been improved.
  • The “Brand monitor protection” page has been added to the settings. The page allows you to use the new “Profiles that do not see brands as a guest” and “Brand substitution in product descriptions” options.  
  • Saving the sorting direction has been implemented in browser cookies for convenience of working in the list of profiles. 
  • The calendar for dates selecting in the order filter in the Control Panel has been optimized.


  • Refund of online payment to card has been implemented for PS PayOnline.
  • The cash register report has been improved: display of information in the context of items has been added.


  • The selection of product description according to the general search settings when importing a cart from a file has been implemented.


  • Usability of the form for creating/editing a legal entity and its requisites has been improved.


  • Information on items now can be uploaded to Receipts report.


  • Multiselection in a filter by offices in the lists of orders in the Control Panel has been implemented.
  • The display of the “Comment” column in the table of orders in the client personal account on the website has been implemented.


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in november:
    • Brands added — 123;
    • Brand descriptions added — 71;  
    • Articles added — 79940;
    • Product images added — 195111; 
    • Cross references added —  763318.


  • A new “Price from the supplier’s price list” parameter has been added when forming a file for sending orders to the supplier by mail. 
  • An option to create up to four custom email templates for sending to a supplier has been added.
  • A reminder of the peculiarities of uploading csv files by a rule has been added to supplier pages in the “Price list structure” section for the price lists in the csv format.
  • The maximum possible amount of hours in the itinerary has been increased from 90 to 210 days.
  • Now the “Update is overdue” notification is also present in the supplier’s card.
  • Sending of orders from Control Panel is now implemented for the G PARTS IMPORT supplier.
  • Delivery address selection in the form of orders sending from Control Panel has been implemented for the ABSELGROUP supplier.
  • The integration for the Magistral-NN supplier has been updated due to the update of the supplier’s web service. Sending of orders from the Control Panel has been implemented.
  • An option to specify a default payment type and shipping address has been added for the Berg supplier.
  • Two new settings have been added for the AutoSputnik supplier:
    • acceptable percentage of supplier price excess when sending an order;
    • update the purchase price in the Control Panel if the supplier changed the price when sending an order.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • Ultradar
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