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March 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in March:


  • The link for file download has been replaced on the acceptance import page. Now a file is downloaded in the archive. 
  • Changes have been made to the interfaces of Orders to suppliers in Control Panel. 
  • The ability to filter products without a group in the Products Directory has been added. 
  • Deleted goods are now restored automatically upon completion of acceptance. 

#abcp_TS #abcp_returns

  • If the “Ban deleting photos added by the client” option is set to “Not Available”, then files and photos added from Personal Account will become inaccessible for deletion. 
  • The product return form interface in the customer’s personal account has been redesigned. 


  • Search by groups in Parts-Catalogues has been developed.
  • Settings for Autodealer, Carbase and Accessories catalogues in Control Panel have been improved.


  • A pop-up window with a warning about the need to punch the return check first has been added on the Order Processing and Separate Order pages when trying to set the “Rejected” status for an item that has a fiscalized check with the “Incoming” payment direction. 


  • Due to the frequent unavailability of the websites of the national banks of Belarus, Ukraine and the impossibility of updating the exchange rate, an alternative source of exchange rates has been added.
  • A new “Halva” payment method has been added to the payment system. 


  • An optional profileId parameter, which is the identifier of the profile, has been added to the parameters of the Public API search/articles and search/batch operations. When passing this parameter, the search results of the api-administrator are generated as for the client with the passed profile. 
  • Support for the "Orders: minimum order amount" option has been added to the Public API.
  • A new distributorowners operation in the Public API for getting the binding of contractors to suppliers.


  • Integration with custom image servers now supports preview mode.
  • Checkbox for disabling sms/whatsapp notifications has been removed from the checkout page. Now it is set up in personal account area. Now there is no way to accidentally turn off SMS notifications on the checkout page. 


  • The language of reCAPTCHA (triggered on sites when the number of requests to catalogues is exceeded) is now determined by browser settings and supports the following languages: "az", "hy", "ka", "lt", "lv", "sr", "uk", "en", "ru".


  • Now information about brands skipped during conversion can be exported to a csv file from the update statistics page. 
  • The brand selection algorithm during manual configuration of a price list has been improved, now switching between “brand in a column” and “brand in a row” does not require clearing or re-updating the price list. 


  • The support of the {ORDER_NOTES} variable, which displays notes for the order, has been added for the “Orders Report” report. 


  • The functionality of the "Cart: Block checkout" option has been improved by adding a new "Site+API" value. 


  • A new "Limit products by price update date, in hours" setting has been added for online suppliers on ABCP, which allows you to filter items that have not been updated for a long time.
  • The ability to exclude weekends when calculating the supplier update rate has been added. 
  • Each identifier in the routes list is now highlighted in the color specified in the specific route settings. 
  • An extension number or a comment on a supplier contact is displayed immediately expanded. 
  • The "Allowable percentage of excess supplier price when sending an order [0 - 100], %" setting has been added for the supplier. 
  • The "Trust the "no return" flag” setting has been added for the supplier
  • The processing of the multiplicity of goods has been added for the supplier. 
  • New online suppliers have been added:
  • Rahat Yol
  • MSK profi
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