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July 2023: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

#ABCP_2.0 (tags used before: #abcp_TS #abcp_TS-2)

  • A large number of modifications and improvements has been made in ABCP2.0. Changes have been implemented in the following sections: orders, returns, acceptance, delivery, reports,  API, the interface of Control Panel and many other improvements.


  • Customers can now be found by TIN and manager comment. 
  • The counter of the number of missed calls in the control panel is now located in the header on the right side instead of being a menu item. 
  • In the customer search field, those customers whose orders were viewed through the search field have also been added to the list of the history of open customer data cards. Moreover, now it is possible to go to a customer’s order from the customer search history by order number. 
  • The search field and the customer search mechanism in the control panel header have been redesigned. New attributes for customer search have been added, and the display of search results has been made clearer and easier to understand. 
  • Import of clients has been simplified, previously a password was required for each client, now it is not required. If there is no password in the file with information for import, it is created automatically. 


  • A field for selecting WhatsApp parameters has been added to GET cp/users and POST cp/user operation models — enableWhatsapp.
  • In the response of GET /cp/distributors operation, the description field is now taken from its own description — DistributorInfoOnReseller.description.
  • If an employee is requested in GET cp/users, all information about them is now returned as if they are a regular customer of the store. 


  • Interfaces of notifications settings, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram have been improved again.


  • Accrual of points in the bonus system has been finalized. 
  • A new PSB payment system has been added (Promsvyazbank).
  • A new Alfabank Belarus payment system has been added.
  • EPAY payment system was changed from a widget to a payment page. Apple Pay works with this way of integration. 


  • Now office’s city and address are displayed along with the name of the office in the list of offices in the Wholesale/Retail registration form. 


  • The “Related products” and “Upsale-catalog” have been added as sources of adding to the cart. 


  • Now brands can be filtered (searched) in the product group catalogs not only by brand name, but also by transliteration or alias. 
  • Customization of the brands list in each catalog has also been redesigned and made more convenient. In addition to the existing sorting by popularity, alphabetical sorting has been added. Your own sorting can also be made (as it was before, by dragging and dropping brands in the list), inclusion of all brands has been simplified. 
  • The setup form for any catalog has been made more intuitive, settings have been grouped by meaning, and more logic has been added when selecting possible values for catalog settings. 
  • Filtering of selection results is now available in all catalogs. It works only in the modes of displaying with assessment and displaying of offers (i.e. when all articles are assessed with suppliers, prices and terms are calculated and the results are displayed on several pages). 
  • When selecting in catalogs under an employee account, a quick switch of the catalog mode has been added to the filtering of selection results by term and availability.
  • For the batteries catalog it is no longer important in what order to specify width and depth when selecting and entering values into filters. Previously, due to different use of width and depth values by manufacturers, it was necessary to check the selection results twice, by width-depth and depth-width, now the catalog does it automatically. 
  • The ability to search values for criteria (filter-attributes) that contain a large number of values was previously announced. Now quick search and filtering are also available in the list of models for one brand. The list of models of one brand is enabled by a separate “Enable additional filter by models of one brand” setting and it allows you to give an opportunity to select models in case you or your customer is looking for offers of one brand. For example, a specific model of one oil manufacturer can be quickly chosen and then articles available for ordering can be seen in the catalog. 
  • In all product group catalogs, the ability to specify priority brands has been added. Brand items that are specified as priority brands in the settings will be displayed in the catalog above the offers for other brands.
  • The “Search: Own warehouses” setting now also works in product group catalogs. Offers from your own stock will be displayed above the offers of third-party warehouses and partners. 
  • In catalogs of the price list type, the article has been wrapped with a link to the search. 
  • New catalogs have been added to product group catalogs (89 catalogs in total):
    • axes;
    • hammers;
    • load forks.


  • Yandex.Market ADV generation is finalized and renamed for for full compliance with the “Search by goods” feed. 
  • Translation of expiration date of oils and technical liquids for YML Yandex.Market of DBS, FBY, FBS was added.
  • For AliExpress generation, translation of OKPD2/Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity for  EAEU codes has been added - which is relevant for selling tires on AliExpress. 
  • UTF-8 encoding selection has been added for generated csv price lists.
  • The dictionary and tags for cargo parts have been added to Avito generation.


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in july:
    • brands added — 31;
    • brand descriptions added — 147;  
    • articles added — 628218;
    • product images added — 78420; 
    • cross references added —  3354657.


  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • Autobot-54
    • Avtotrial
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