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July 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in July:


  • The work is being continued in the new TS modules, changes were implemented in the following sections: acceptance, delivery, shipment, returns and others.


  • A status attribute setting of which recalculates the delivery time of an item has been implemented. 
  • Displaying the number of orders has been added to the block with general information on orders on the “Order processing” page. 
  • Now all payment types are displayed under the manager when placing an order for a customer. But those ones that are not available to a customer through the profile are visually marked as “Not available in the client profile”.


  • New payment system has been added — Stripe.
  • Sending data for payment checks is now available for Uniteller payment system.


  • A filter by managers has been added to the list of payments in Control Panel. 


  • “Payment” is set in “Subject of payment” when choosing “Advance payment” in “Payment method” for online payments in the check settings. 


  • If the “Cart: Display Weight Column” option is enabled, the “Weight” column is added to the cart in the import report in the “List of unseen items” and “List of missing items” tables. 


  • The option to specify multiple columns with price in the price list configuration has been added. Prices in these columns are summed up when uploading the price list.
  • The number of displayed rows has been expanded from 10 to 25 in the “price list columns configuration” section of the price list structure, a scroller has been added to the interface. 
  • A new “at maximum price” condition has been added, with it a position from several repeating ones can be chosen for uploading.


  • The interface and the logic of SMS providers configuring in the Control Panel have been reworked.
  • The interface for setting up WhatsApp notifications in the Control Panel has been implemented.


  • Now it is possible to update the markups of profiles for brands without changing the vendor markup via public-api.
  • A code field has been added for order requests (GET /orders, GET cp/orders, GET cp/order, POST cp/order).
  • The option to specify the related VIN requests has been added to POST cp/order for API ordering if a spare part selection for a customer has been made by VIN request. 


  • The “List of routes” report has been improved: the logic of current columns display has been fixed, new columns have been added, the localization has been improved, the visual part has been improved. 
  • A filter by brands has been added to the “Price lists prices comparison” report: now only products of selected brands can be assessed on the analyzed vendor. 


  • Catalogs have been optimized.
  • The option to display more than one photo of an item has been added for the Amtel catalog of used products.


  • Now the tire multiplicity can be specified in the “Sales multiplicity for tires” line in the “Ads settings” section for exporting price lists to AVITO. 
  • The generated price list (csv/xls) now allows you to get the item weight: you need to check the “Display item weight” in “File properties”.
  • The filtering of generated price lists by “Include goods from the list” and “Include only goods from “Product information”” attributes has been implemented. 


  • Support for BUYER_ID and BUYER_NAME variables has been added to the “Export cart for customers” printing form.
  • A variable with the name of the customer’s profile has been added to printing forms for several orders.


  • Prohibited brands are now displayed to employees in search results in Control Panel and on the website.


  • Sending messages to Viber via SMSC has been implemented: a checkbox has appeared in SMSC settings. When it is checked, SMSC tries to send a message to Viber first, and then, if failed, via SMS.


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in June:
    • Brands added — 36;
    • Brand descriptions added — 91;  
    • Articles added — 276686;
    • Product images added — 76790; 
    • Cross references added — 1141496.


  • The option to select multiple statuses in a filter by item status has been implemented on the supplier’s order items page.
  • The option to select both used and new products in the settings without adding a supplier duplicate has been implemented for “euroauto” supplier.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • WALDAY
    • ABOM
    • NSC Spare Parts
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