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July 2021: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What have been done in July:


  • Universal dataLayer suitable for both systems’ counters has been developed in order to connect e-commerce by Yandex and advanced e-commerce by Google. Documentation.


  • Receipts breakdown by taxation systems has been improved based on product groups taking into account the necessity of marking. Documentation.


  • Time zone selection has been added. More.


  • New "Return to a supplier: UTD" printing form. (UTD - Unified Transfer Document).
  • Bulk consignment transfer has been added.
  • The ability to enter fractional numbers separated by commas has been implemented.


  • New variables have been added to the printing forms in “return to a supplier” section. Now it is possible to display an array of items that have “Application sent”, “Application confirmed”, “New”, “Approved”, “In progress” statuses.
  • The default “UTD” (in TS) and “Invoice” (in the Orders) printing forms have been updated in accordance with the Decree of the government of the Russian Federation dated April 2, 2021.


  • The payment amount clearing has been implemented in case if it is added for the second time from the client profile in the Control Panel.


  • The ability to change the name of the column with delivery statistics in search results has been implemented.


  • Now it is possible to send messages via WhatsApp regarding status changes including for guest orders.
  • The ability to call a client from WhatsApp chat via telephony has been added.

#abcp_clients #abcp_sms

  • The CUSTOMER_OFFICE_NAME variable containing a list of offices linked to a customer has been added to the template of a message about the status change (SMS and email). The same variable has been added to the printing forms in orders processing.
  • The new UNIQUEID variable has been added for the title of an e-mail from the website in the “Feedback form”. The variable adds a date and time of a request to a title in the YYMMDDHHMMSS format. Can be added here.
  • A profile pre-setting by default has been added in the form of a quick addition of a client to the Control Panel from Customers and Calls sections.


  • The “Offices and suppliers” report has been added to the “Suppliers” reports. A new report lists a range of suppliers connected to the offices and the office settings. Access is given to the employees with the enabled “Reports - Suppliers” right.


  • The functionality of the “Orders: a customer can send a manager “Request for cancelling an item from an order”” option has been improved. Documentation.
  • A quick search of a customer in Control Panel - Orders, when a manager selects a customer for forming an order now they are being searched for by TIN both in TS and on the website.


  • New online suppliers have been added:
  • Autovector74
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