January 2023: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in December and January:

#ABCP_2.0 (tags used before:  #abcp_TS #abcp_TS-2)

  • A large number of modifications and improvements has been made in ABCP2.0. Changes have been implemented in the following sections: cart, finance, delivery, orders, control panel, API, order to suppliers, returns, shipping and forms.


  • Now the raw product article number is translated into the Description tag in the generation for Avito. This improves product search on Avito.
  • The upload of used items to YML has been updated.


  • A new “Multi-cart: allow renaming/adding new carts in the personal area” option has been added. With the help of this option customers and employees can be allowed to edit the name and add new multicarts in their personal areas of the website. 
  • System behaviour in the cart when there are overdue items has been changed —  now adding the same item to the cart updates the date of adding the item to the cart.


  • New design template available for all users.
  • Option to choose the client’s profile when an employee registers them on the website has been added. Turn on the “Profile” element and save it in the customer creation form when an employee places an order. 
  • A validation of payment details in the registration form for Belarus has been developed.


  • The {ORDER_COMMENT} variable has been added when sending notifications on changes of order statuses for the localized positionsStatusChange variable, so that a comment could be sent to the order.
  • The PartsCatalogs catalog has been added to the list of sources of adding to cart. 


  • Operations of data retrieval from Carbase catalog have been added:
    • GET carbase/manufacturers;
    • GET carbase/models;
    • GET carbase/modifications;
    • GET carbase/modificationInfo.
  • The enableSMS field has been added to responses of GET cp/users and POST cp/user operations, the enableSMS parameter has been added to the POST cp/user for changing of the corresponding customer option.
  • The inn and cashierName fields have been added to the response of GET /cp/managers.
  • Filtering by customer ID has been added for the GET /cp/orders request.
  • The option to remove customer code through POST cp/user operation calls has been removed.
  • The GET cp/payment/top-balance-link operation of getting balance top-up link has been added, top-up amount and customer are transferred by operation parameters. 
  • A new domain for API ZZAP has been introduced.


  • The “Minimum amount for topping up” setting has been implemented on the website.
  • FFD 1.2 support has been implemented (the new format of fiscal documents) in Tinkoff Payment System.
  • The PayOnline refund procedure has been revamped — now refund to card is available on the day of payment.
  • A new version of Epay Halyk Bank payment system has been developed — Epay 2.0.
  • The payment parameters in CloudPayments payment system have been improved.
  • A notification for partial refund to Sberbank card has been added in case if the payment was made with sending the data for a check to the payment system.


  • Forms of creating payments and checks have been reworked, the convenience and clarity of operation have been increased.
  • The option to disable the “100% advance payment” payment option has been implemented in the settings of checks sending.
  • The “Check required” setting has been implemented in payment types. 
  • The “Send a check to Komtet” switch has appeared instead of two sending buttons.
  • An option to disable settlements with a legal entity in sending checks to Komtet has been added.
  • Small improvements were made to the Komtet forms regarding check positions.


  • An option to select a Wholesale and Retail manager has been added to the office settings. It will be set by default by a manager for customers who register in a particular office.


  • The “Finance — Detachment and deletion of payments, refunds” right has been split into two different rights: "Finance — Deletion of payments" and "Finance — Detachment of payments and refunds".
  • Localization of the “Revision” page in the Control Panel has been performed.
  • Localization of Telephony settings in the Control Panel has been performed.
  • The information on who and when added/modified a file in the Control Panel, Appearance and Content - Files section is being displayed now.
  • A search by platform news text in the Control Panel has been added.
  • An option to download attachments from emails has been added to the list of sent emails in the Control Panel.
  • Brand search elements have been improved in the Control Panel:
    • A “magnifier” icon has been added to the left of the input;
    • Now a reference brand + alias are shown in brackets in tip when entering an alias (additional name);
    • If there is a full match of the search query with the reference brand, the reference brand is highlighted in bold;
    • If there is no match, “No match found” is displayed at the bottom.


  • New catalogs were added to product groups catalogs (74 catalogs in total):
    • portable flashlights;
    • universal resonators;
    • wrenches;
    • moisture absorbing mats.


  • An opportunity to make a markup for a brand and/or product group the only applicable markup has been implemented.
  • Hiding product groups from search results has been reworked. An option to specify a custom list for each profile has been introduced instead of a single list of groups in the option. The settings were transferred. Example of usage: there is no opportunity to sell one of the product groups to another country, so the product group is hidden in the profile for customers from that country.
  • The “Original replacements” block can now be disabled completely in the search results, distributing the products from it to other blocks or showing only some of lines. This can be configured with a help of the new “Search: show “original replacements” block” option.
  • Now goods from the office stock and goods from your own warehouses can be moved up separately in each block. This option is useful if you have several stores and each has its own availability, so that you could see the availability of the desired store first in the search results and then the availability of all the company’s warehouses. 
  • The ability to specify a list of brands that will be left in the output or filtered out of it in the online vendor’s route has been implemented. The new filter is convenient to use for setting up the autocorrection of prices by competitors.


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in December and January:
    • Brands added — 577;
    • Brand descriptions added — 176;  
    • Articles added — 199244;
    • Product images added — 159530; 
    • Cross references added — 2958650.


  • New tips have been added for quick filters in the vendor list.
  • Mass addition of articles and warehouses has been implemented in the filtering settings in the route.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • Virage
    • NewParts (Sellparts)
    • Art-auto
    • TransTechServices
    • Zavod Bakor
    • AvangrdAvto
    • Inparts Group
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