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January 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in January:


  • New “Orders” and “Finance” modules in TS are being actively prepared for official release for all users. 


  • Now the receipt icon can have its own colour depending on the payment method (advance payment, partial advance payment, full payment, etc.). It allows to reduce amount of errors made by employees and time wasted on checking the linked receipts. 
  • The work with receipts for marked goods when paying online has been simplified. Now the payment method different from the default one used for receipts when making online payment can be set up for goods that require marking. 
  • Now sending a payment link has become more convenient, sending via WhatsApp instead of SMS (if the buyer has chosen to receive notifications in WhatsApp) and copying the link to the clipboard options have been added to the to the previously existing “Sending an invoice/link for payment” via SMS and Email settings. 


  • The convenience of payment through the Tinkoff payment system has been improved. 


  • The NDS_SUM_STRING variable has been added for printing forms of one order. 


  • The improved format for uploading to Yandex.Market has been developed — Yandex.Market DBS, FBY, FBS.
  • The default dimensions and weights setting has been added to the yml configuration for uploading to Yandex.Market and AliExpress. 
  • The transfer of multiplicity to yml for uploading to Yandex.Market has been improved. 


  • Layout of the email about items forgotten in cart has been improved. 
  • The cart has been moved from the side menu to the main screen in the mobile version of templates 20, 21, 22, 24. 
  • The “Report another customer’s parts list” button in the Carbase catalogue now can be seen only if the list is opened. 


  • The form for adding a payment from the customer data card by default has been updated.


  • A new “Entire API catalogue 2 million” tariff of the Autodealer has been added. 
  • The Amtel second-hand catalogue has been reworked according to the new API. 


  • Settings of the Autodealer catalogue in the Control Panel have been improved.
  • A new “Cart: remember previously selected payment and delivery types” option has been added. 


  • New online suppliers have been added:
  • Pro100Zap
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