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January 2021: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What we have done in January


  • Now when the client is being added to the garage straight from the call together with their car, the car brand is identified by WMI (same way as it is implemented in VIN-requests).
  • “All events” and “Search requests” blocks from the client card were revamped, colour visual grouping by date ranges was added for the events in the client card’s blocks (for faster understanding of the events’ times). Cheque records were improved (returns were marked with red colour, cashbox name was added).


  • The “Type of the client created from the call” setting has been added to general settings of the Telephony. It is set as “Lead” by default. Switching to the “Client” value allows you to create a client straight from a call with notification settings being set immediately.


  • All links in WhatsApp messages have been made active links.
  • The ability to transfer all clients to WhatsApp has been added.
  • Automatic processing for the simultaneous running of the additional web-version was added.


  • The operation for getting cheques was developed - GET komtet/getChecks.


  • SEO-line formation was added to the catalogue of goods groups for parameters defined by ranges.


  • The check for employee rights of access to returns from clients was removed.
  • The support of double-click for lines in the warehouse documents was added.
  • The autocreation of goods in the directory when importing acceptances from the files was implemented. The protection from mistakes in columns disposition was provided.
  • The generation of the PDF files from the warehouse documents was improved.
  • The support of the local time zone in the filters was added.

#abcp_TS  #abcp_good_receipt

  • When preparing the acceptance from the orders processing a group for a new good can be specified.
  • The total sum recalculation in the acceptance position was improved.


  • The interface for the setting of the auto order from the supplier was improved (+ #abcp_TS).
  • The new “garageCarId” field allowing to retrieve and edit the identificator of a car from the client’s garage was added to the POST cp/order operation request parameters, the GET cp/order and GET cp/orders operations reply and in the positions properties (+ #abcp_garage).
  • The support of variables was added to the email templates about the status changes.


  • The new filter by the payment sum was added to “Finance - Payments”.


  • Appearance of the good cards has changed.


  • The new “Clients - Suppliers connected to the profiles” report was created.


  • Interfaces in “Profile mark ups for brands” were improved.


  • The hint for cities was added from dadata into registration forms on the websites in Russia.
  • The ability to prohibit realization of goods groups specified on the website was implemented.


  • The new fullscreen template was added (Template № 26).


  • The new operation of brand details and number information receiving. articleByBrandAndNumber2.
    + The amount of attributes being passed from TecDoc was increased (+ #abcp_tecdoc).
  • New catalogues were added:


  • The sorting by prices renewal date was added to the “Suppliers” section.
  • New “Restrict issue by warehouses” and “Exclude positions by warehouses” settings were added for the Korona-Auto supplier.
  • New online-suppliers were added:
    • L-Japan
    • TrustParts

What will be done in the near future:


  • New “Restrict issue by warehouses. List of warehouses separated by comma” setting will be added to “My catalogues”.


  • New “Turn off at the balance level” setting for prepaid tariffs will allow to turn off SEO service before reaching zero balance.


  • The access right for reports will be divided into five separate rights for every section.


  • For the “Search: displaying the supply date“ option the new “Date” value will be added for the date and date range output.


  • Export to the file and calculating the total information will be added to the “Finance - Cheques list” interface.

#abcp_TS #abcp_order_picking

  • The creation of positions from understaffed acceptances and orders filtration by statuses will be added to the acceptance.

The End

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