February 2021: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What we have done in February


  • Now VIN is automatically placed from the search field to the field when adding a car to the garage (in the client card).


  • New right regulating the access to the “All Orders” tab.
  • Improved integration of orders import from ZZap for franchisees.
  • Effect of the notes displaying option has been extended from orders in process to all orders. The title has been renamed to “Control panel: Orders - display notes”.
  • The option to automatically change the order item status on another one in case of delay.


  • Displaying of the “Supplier” column was added to the shopping cart under the staff member, if the displaying of the column is allowed in the search settings and the user has the access right to viewing “Suppliers Access to the “Suppliers” section”.


  • The “plural” modifier changing endings to plural was developed for title variables and information block in settings for catalogues of product groups.
  • We added the storage locations with availability statuses to the product card.


  • The logic of the bot menu has been changed - the menu has become simpler and its customization possibilities have been expanded.


  • Sorting by code, name and markup has been added to the profiles interface in the Control Panel.
  • The option to independently download online payment receipts for Platform’s site services has been added to the user’s personal area in the Control Panel.
  • We have improved the tag control interface in the Control Panel.
  • We have implemented the access to the documentation within the warehouse operations pages.
  • We have improved the appearance of the transfers interface.
  • We have added hints for changing the statuses of warehouse operations and positions.
  • Barcodes were brought to the consignment window.
  • The behaviour of the window of the consignment created on return from a client has been fixed.


  • Now the time in warehouse printing forms takes into account the time zone of the store.
  • The mechanism for generating warehouse printing forms has been improved, now generated files are opened in MS Excel with no errors and match the template in detail.

#abcp_TS #abcp_returns

  • The rollback of customer returns has been improved - the position of the linked order is now restored to its original form.

#abcp_TS #abcp_order_picking

  • We have changed the creation of a shipment for orders - at first goods are selected from the zone associated with the price list in the order and then from the rest of storage locations.
  • We have added a column with the “Zone of orders assembly and/or orders shipment” attribute to the interface of managing warehouse zones..
  • The display of positions for canceled shipments was fixed.


  • We have added the accounting for stock available at a warehouse when exporting to price lists.


  • The reporting right has been divided into five separate rights for each section.
  • Several types of sales reports have been implemented.
  • The calculation of the warehouse replenishment report has been improved - now orders to a supplier with a failed shipment will not be considered ordered.


  • The new Singapore dollar (SGD) currency has been developed.
  • Auto-renewal for the AED currency rates has been added.
  • Withdrawal of amounts and export to file have been added to the “List of receipts” section in the Control Panel.
  • The filter by payment amount has been added to “Finance - Payments”.
  • The “Service” settlement object has been added when sending receipts.
  • The cases of partial order release and full settlement for released positions have been improved - in the window for adding the payment with a receipt from order.


  • A block with search by VIN numbers has been added to the search history.
  • A new “Search: exclude product groups (names separated with commas)” option has been developed in order to exclude goods of a certain product group (for example, tyres) from the search, catalogues and shopping cart loading.
  • A new option to include “Crossed-out prices” in the search and catalogues has been developed. It is switched on via “Display crossed-out prices comparing with the profile” and “Compare prices for displaying “crossed-out” prices only for profiles” options.


  • New catalogues have been added:


  • Separator selection has been added for descriptions consisting of several columns. Description has been added when uploading a price list.
  • The maximum number of characters in the price filtering field has been increased.
  • An option to choose a delivery point when shipping an order has been added for the ARKONA supplier.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
  • Zapchastiya 
  • CityMotors

What will be done in the near future:


  • A new %ORDER_POSITIONS_SUMM% variable will be developed for SMS - the amount (quantity*sales price) of order items for which the status has been changed.


  • An option “For all” will be added in the “Control Panel: allow brands filtering for suppliers” option values. It will allow to filter brands when searching under an employee login.


  • The support of different decimal separators will be added to the markup editing.
  • The prices rounding-off depending on the price range will be added.


  • The search and details verification in the DaData service will be added to the customer card editing in the Control Panel.


  • The “second-hand” attribute, condition and images will be added to the consignment properties.

#abcp_TS #abcp_returns

  • The “returns storing area” attribute will be added to the warehouse settings in order to simplify the choice of storage location for the returned goods.
  • A UTD (Unified Transfer Document) printing form with all the required variables will be developed for the “return to supplier” operation.
  • The “Return-to-supplier assembly area” attribute will be added in order to simplify the processing of returns to suppliers for the warehouse zones. Depending on the cases, customer will be able to set the storage of returns from the client and for the supplier both in one zone and in different zones.


  • The export of price lists will be improved in order to account for second-hand goods in the warehouse.


  • The {TAGS} variable will be added for the shipment printing form with an option to filter by specific tags values.

The End

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