December 2020: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What we have done in December:


  • The “events” block was reworked (“all events” tab), events entries are more compact and informative now.


  • New “Telephony: add prefix to numbers” setting was added to general telephony дsettings. If a telephony provider (or phone number host) transfers a phone number not in full format, e.g. 9250000000, then you can specify the value "7" in the setting and the numbers will be brought to the common format. The clients will be identified correctly.
  • The ability to create a client with auto in garage straight from the call was added (earlier when getting a call from an unidentified client you could create a client first and only then add an auto to garage).


  • Now in the “Status” column on the page of the generation file the number of positions is indicated for successfully completed prices exports.


  • The mechanism of setting the markup on the price list groups in the route was finalized. The markup on a group which is currently not in the price will not be deleted after saving. Distinct from actual price groups and groups with saved markups is indicated in the interface.


  • The icons with links to instructions were added to the interfaces of all warehouse operations.
  • The appearances of the directory and goods cards were improved.

#abcp_TS #abcp_order_picking

  • The account of the process of client’s order assembly, taking into account separate zones, places, printing forms and operation statuses, was added in the “Expenditure” operation.
  • The option of changing storages for writing off the goods was realized in the “Expenditure” operation.

#abcp_TS #abcp_returns

  • The statuses of returns were added in order to make the navigation through operations list easier.
  • The option to download the “Application” printing form was added to the "return" in the personal area.
  • The option of sending the client return ”In progress”, “Application approved”, “New” to the supplier return was added. Also a new hidden option “Refuse a client in case of supplier return refusal” and “Personal area: goods return - setting of the “Refusal” type”.
  • Returns interfaces (for client and supplier) were improved. “Fast” filters on statuses and status indication in a form of battery were added. Apart from that, the additional information is indicated in the window “Information on position” of client return.
  • The option to create a return to a supplier was added to the interface of goods acceptance operation. (+ #abcp_good_receipt).


  • The ability to withdraw employees’ orders was added to the “Sales Dynamics” report.


  • Loading of a basket by internal code was added.
  • A new “By description” variant was added for the “Basket: Lines sorting” option.


  • The new payment system bePaid was developed for Belarus. Documentation.


  • The support of CUSTOMER_ID, CUSTOMER_NAME, CUSTOMER_MOBILE, CUSTOMER_EMAIL variables was realized in the text message about the payment emailSubjectCarryingOutPaymentFromClient.


  • New API-administrator’s operation cp/komtetСhecks was added to Public API for getting Комтет cheques (+ #abcp_API).
  • The displaying of marking codes (if they were entered) was added to the viewing of Комтет cheques in the Control Panel.


  • The “100% prepayment” option taking into account the split by groups for several taxation systems was added to sending the cheques from the order.
  • The binding of vehicles to order positions when forming the order for a new client by a manager was improved. Now it is possible to instantly create a client, form an order for them, add a vehicle to the client’s garage and bind the order positions to the vehicle from the client’s garage (+ #abcp_garage).
  • Now the comment is added in case of the order being deleted during the merger.
  • Cheques sending accounting for the groups now also works from the orders processing.

#abcp_vin #abcp_sms

  • Now the VIN_QUERY_LINK variable is available for SMS, making it possible to send the link for selection (with authorization) to the client via SMS after processing the request.


  • New variables for filter parameters, that can be used for SEO-optimization of pages, were added for the catalogues of product groups (+ #abcp_seo).
  • Increase sales with new upsale option. Place the products selected by you (with the help of wh-catalogue) in the basket block "Pay attention to additional goods". Can be added here.
  • The “Add radius +/- n mm to the link when going to selection in catalogue (from tyre-wheel calculator)” setting was added to the catalogue “Wheel rims”. When selecting disks by modification a range of specified values will be transferred to a link of catalogue selection instead of a certain value. The setting allows to widen the search results range of the catalogue when selecting disks by a vehicle.
  • The “Limit search results by warehouses” setting (separate for every catalogue) was added for all catalogues in product groups. It allows to indicate offers only from the specified warehouses in the search results of the catalogue’s product group.
  • Now it is possible to include all brands and save personal sorting to brand settings in product groups by catalogues. Brands, positions of which are added to the catalogue after manual sorting, will be displayed in the bottom of the list (after manually sorted ones).
  • New catalogues were added:


  • New supplier "Apec-UAE" was added. Search, orders sending, viewing of statuses in the Control Panel and statuses synchronization were realized.
  • The “Trust “without return” feature” setting was added for the "Avtoformula" supplier.
  • New online-suppliers were added:
  • Elbrus
  • Big1

What will be done in the near future:


  • The new ability of the managers’ multi-choice will be added to filters of “All orders”, “Orders in process”, “Orders processing” sections.


  • The automatic text message will be sent in reply for clients’ WhatsApp calls.


  • The binding of new barcodes to the goods that are already present in the catalogue will be simplified in the acceptance operation (+ #abcp_good_receipt).
  • Automatically calculated local barcodes of the EAN-13 form will be added to every goods consignment.


  • We have a filtration of price suppliers by number and description. The similar mechanism will be developed for online-suppliers.


  • The new “Search: exclude product groups (titles separated with commas)” option will be developed for excluding products of a certain product group (for example, tires) from the search, catalogues, and basket loading.
  • The block with search by VIN-numbers will be added to the search history.


  • The new ability to export goods only with a specified description will be added to the export of prices for goods exclusion by description.


  • The support of the POSITION_NUMBER_WITHOUT_SEPARATORS variable will be added in the “The invoice accounting for prepayment” printing form.


  • The new Singaporean Dollar SGD currency will be developed.

The End

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