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August 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in August:


  • The work is being continued in the new TS modules, changes were implemented in the following sections: acceptance, delivery, payments, API and others.


  • Information about deleted cars is now clearly displayed the “Garage” block of the customer data card. 
  • Search of clients with cars having the same VIN is performed when adding a new client’s car in the “Garage” block of the customer data card. This allows you to understand that a duplicate is created and there is already a customer with this car in the clients directory. 
  • A history of changing the item statuses has been added in the “Orders” block of the customer data card. 
  • A button for creating a customer with the information entered in the search field was added to the customer search form. 
  • If a customer was searched by VIN, the form of adding a customer will immediately contain information on the car added to the customer’s garage. 
  • If a customer was searched by phone number, you will not have to copy their phone number again in the client creation form. 
  • When searching a customer by VIN, deleted cars in customer garages are now also taken into account. 
  • Now a call notification is displayed too when you receive a call from a deleted customer. You can now quickly understand that the client was deleted and does not have access to the website via checking the customer data card that can be opened straight from the call. 
  • Employee ID is now displayed as the first column in the “Staff” section and in the employee edit form.  
  • The password is no longer required when importing customers from a file. If the column with the password of the customers for importing does not contain a value, the customer password will be generated automatically, customers from a file will not receive a notification of registration when being imported. 
  • The ability to view and delete social networks linked to a customer’s account (if the customer has previously authorized on the website via social networks) has been added to the summary block in the customer data card. 
  • The event feed has no tabs now. Not very convenient tabs have been replaced with togglers that allow you to quickly filter events, leaving only the necessary ones. Filtering settings are saved for a particular employee and their browser. 
  • A clearing of the customer search field in the control panel has been added. Now it is easier to delete all the text and start searching for another customer. 
  • FRAME copying has been added to the “Garage” block in the customer data card.
  • Group operations have been made more convenient and clear. 


  • You can now select a legal entity and default details for creating contracts with counterparties. 
  • The default contract is now marked in the customer data card. 


  • The “hide the article in the letter of order status changing” function has been improved, earlier the article was hidden but remained visible in the link to the website, now the link is encrypted. 


  • The order interface now shows how exactly the order is paid for. 


  • A new page with an interface for configuring delivery zones has appeared in the Control Panel, uploading of delivery addresses by zones into a csv-file has been implemented. 
  • “Delivery zone” is taken into account when placing an order on the website. The “Today” option is excluded from selection if time restrictions on the order placement imposed by zones are triggered. 
  • The possibility to edit a delivery zone when editing an address has been added. 


  • zoneId, zoneName fields have been added to the GET cp/user/shipmentAddresses operation’s response.
  • Support of the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS time format for dateStart and dateEnd parameters has been added to the GET cp/onlinePayments request. 
  • A separate “Invalid login/password” error has been allocated to the search/brands operation. Previously all access problems were responded with “Access to requested operation is denied” error.
  • Improvements in delivery zones:
    • The “Orders: account for delivery addresses zones” option has been added (order/delivery_address_zone).
    • New GET cp/user/shipmentAddressZones and POST cp/user/shipmentAddressZones operations have been added.
    • Fields have been added to the GET cp/users response.
    • Parameter has been added to POST cp/user and POST cp/user/new requests.
    • The logic has been corrected in the GET basket/shipmentDates , POST basket/order and POST order/instant operations.


  • The option to sum availability when price and date match for YML was added. 
  • The multiplicity upload for all product categories was added for YML export, previously the multiplicity was being uploaded with the help of an additional setting only for tires. 
  • Price formation was fixed for Ozon export, prices were rounded to integers (Ozon requirements).
  • The formation principle of offer id was changed for AliExpress export, now it is formed only from brand and article.
  • New “Include articles by list from file” and “Include products with SEO cards” filters are implemented in generating regular price lists.
  • A feature that capitalized every word in the product description was removed in the Avito export. 


  • Setting of the “Search by internal code” functionality is now in one place in the settings - just activate “Internal Code” for the desired category of users.


  • New catalogues have been added:
    • Universal mudflaps;
    • Electrolytes;
    • Duct tapes.


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in August:
    • Brands added — 34;
    • Brand descriptions added — 100;  
    • Articles added — 119235;
    • Product images added — 123802; 
    • Cross references added — 1958558.


  • The display of the online supplier’s name in “Props” and when uploading the list of routes in Excel was fixed. 
  • The ability to edit details for online suppliers (as it was previously implemented for price list ones) was added.
  • A column with a return attribute was added to the routes uploading.
  • The editing of the details has been improved, if the phone number was deleted in the details of the supplier by pressing the backspace button, the next line with the number would also disappear.
  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • Shopolimp
    • ASTK.Parts
    • Vincod.Pro
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