April 2023: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in April:

#ABCP_2.0 (tags used before: #abcp_TS #abcp_TS-2)

  • A large number of modifications and improvements has been made in ABCP2.0. Changes have been implemented in the following sections: customers, payments, returns, goods receipts, orders, finance.


  • Now you can display the customers’ office in the Control Panel on the “Order Processing” page using the “Control Panel: Order processing - “Office” column in the table and the uploaded .xls” option. 
  • The ability to import orders arranged by Secure transaction from ZZap has been implemented.
  • The “Control panel: Orders - display notes/comments on the order” option has been improved. With this option it is possible to choose which columns to display: comments, notes or both. 


  • In response to the GET basket/content method, the supplier ID has been added (duplicating value from ItemKey).
  • In response to the GET cp/orders method, the storage sell codes have been added (response field: locationsFullCodes).


  • A new RNKB Bank payment system is available.
  • Convenience of setting the SBP and Plati QR by Sber payment system has been improved.


  • Pagination (separation by pages) has been implemented on the page of the list of profiles markups for brands in the Control Panel. 


  • Two new attributes have been added for editable catalogs folders — “Description above products” and “Description under products”.
  • The ability to set different attribute values for the same articles has been implemented in editable catalogs. 
  • Now for each “Price lists” catalog there is a possibility to add an individual description that will be displayed on the catalog page under H1 heading. This setting allows to improve the SEO performance of price catalogs. 
  • The allocation of used products into separate positions in the catalogs of product groups has been implemented. 
  • New catalogs have been added to the catalogs of product groups (77 catalogs in total):
    • Pliers.


  • A new “offer id generation rule” setting has been added to the YML generation — the setting redefines the default value for the selected format.


  • The results sorting of the second stage of search has been improved, now sorting works even when grouping by brand-number is enabled.
  • Used products are now allocated to separate positions when grouped by brand-number in the search results. 


  • The ability to adjust the visibility of the main menu items has been implemented. Visibility status is saved in the browser. 


  • Statistics on working with manufacturers’ data in April:
    • Brands added — 45;
    • Brand descriptions added — 32;  
    • Articles added — 140955;
    • Product images added — 143248; 
    • Cross references added — 2706461.


  • New online suppliers have been added:
    • АТС 
  • The Rmsauto supplier has been updated. The new version works with more statuses during synchronization, because the statuses of items are used instead of statuses of orders. 


  • Customer data card now opens directly in the dialog window.
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