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April 2022: What’s new on the ABCP Platform

What has been done in April:

#abcp_TS-2 #abcp_order

  • The ability of switching off the delivery method for specified offices has been implemented. 
  • Support for restricting the creation of delivery addresses by the client has been implemented.
  • The data about the items in the cart has been added to the customer data card in CP. 

#abcp_TS-2 #abcp_finance

  • An option to disable restrictions on matching the refund payment type with the payment method of the linked payment has been implemented. 

#abcp_TS #abcp_order 

  • An option to replace the supplier’s price list and the route when linking a batch to an order item has been implemented. 


  • Accounting of the timezone has been added to the warehouse reports service. 
  • The “Transactions” section has been added to the reports, new “Goods receipts” and “Shipping” reports are available there.
  • The “Warehouse” section has been added to the reports, new reports on goods availability at the warehouse are available there. 


  • A filter by the set selling price has been added to the batch of goods.
  • Information on orders to supplier, customer returns and new orders without reservation has been added to the “Information” tab of flypages in the products catalogue.


  • Autopayment for the Platform services is available now. Find more in the news.
  • You can top-up the balance of your personal account in CP via the new Tinkoff SBP payment system.
  • The history of connected services operations has been added to the “Service details” section. 
  • The interface of supplier orders pages has been improved.
  • The interface of the “Transactions” section in the warehouse settings has been improved. 
  • The interface of order displaying in the CP has been improved. 
  • The interface of the SMS settings in the CP has been improved. The template of the SMS message with an activation code (“Customer phone number verification” event) is available for editing now.
  • The “Enable refunds only for customers” setting can now be managed in the CP. 


  • Transfer of the declared value of the order and its setting has been added to Yandex.Delivery.


  • The link to the customer data card in the CP has been added to the letter from the feedback form. 


  • The option to filter offers from online suppliers by articles and description has been implemented. Regular expressions are supported.  


  • The availability in various countries has been improved for Laximo and Autodealer catalogues. 


  • The stability of integration with KOMTET has been improved. 


  • New Sberbank Dynamic QR code payment system (SBP and PlatiQR) has been introduced for paying for goods on the site.
  • SBP support has been added to YuKassa. 
  • Reliability of updating the BYN currency rate has been improved. 


  • New “Control Panel: printing forms - sales receipt: do not consider items in the status with the «refusal» attribute” option. 
  • A document in the “Shipment” form has been added to the list of documents for downloading in the “Shipments” tab of the Personal account. 
  • A variable with the total number of goods units has been added for warehouse printing forms — to all forms of: acceptance, transferring, shipments, customer returns, returns to suppliers, deliveries, new customer orders. Variables: {POSITIONS_QUANTITY} — quantity by number; {POSITIONS_QUANTITY_STRING} — quantity by text.
  • The {PRODUCT_SKU_EAN13} variable with the barcode of the good from the products catalogue has been added to the “Batch label”, “Acceptance item label”, “Product label” printing forms. 


  • The validation of price update settings by email has been improved. 
  • The dialing function has been added to the suppliers contacts. 
  • The 4mycar routes displaying has been improved. 
  • A filter by the lack of counterparty binding has been added to the suppliers list. 
  • The “tiles” interface on the supplier editing page has been improved. 
  • The button for viewing the source html code of the supplier’s email body when autoordering has been added. 
  • New online suppliers have been added:
  • Million zapchastey
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