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Online booking form in a car service

A modern and convenient solution for Car Service Owners who want to make the best service of their customers
*No registration required for ABCP platform clients. Car service settings are available in the site control panel

Opportunities for car service:

  • Booking schedule
  • Various car service settings
  • Customer information
  • Notifications
  • Car services branches support
  • Easy integration with third party sites

Opportunities for customers:

  • Easy booking form
  • View the free time of the car service
  • Booking and cancelling 24/7
  • Booking confirmation by SMS
  • Notifications about booking changing
  • Reminders about the upcoming visit to the car service
You can install the "Car Service" module on your own website in 5 minutes
Just few steps:
  • Fill in the car service information in Control Panel
  • Copy JavaScript-code of widget
  • Paste it in code of your site page
Sample embed code:
<script id="__4mc12345678">
  (function(w, d, s) {
    w.__4mcWidget = w.__4mcWidget || [];
    w.__4mcWidget.push({t:'btn_carservice', r:5335540, c:43707, gid:50509711});
    var i = d.createElement(s); i.type = 'text/javascript'; i.async = true;
    i.charset='utf-8'; i.src='//';
    var c = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; c.parentNode.insertBefore(i, c);
  })(window, document, 'script');